customized engineering solutions

Randstad Engineering provides engineering and technical solutions to scores of firms throughout the nation, specifically in the automotive, medical device, and aerospace industries. Firms of all sizes, from global giants to smaller suppliers turn to us to help them take their products from concept to production. We help clients shorten product development times and better control production costs by providing solutions and experienced people with backgrounds in R&D, product development, quality control, Embedded Engineering, and more. 

Our Approach

Giving lip service to “collaboration” is easy — actually doing it requires commitment. In practice, Randstad Engineering has found that collaborating with clients results in concepts and products that more ably meet expectations and needs. By leveraging the collective knowledge and skills of each team member, productivity and creativity flourish — and more effective solutions emerge. 

Part of collaboration entails working with our clients to help them figure out a service delivery model that best fits their needs. Sometimes a Project-based approach to an embedded engineering effort in which a trusted partner delivers a detailed scope of work is their best option; in other instances, a customized Resource-based approach where the client retains day-to-day operational control makes more sense. Our flexible service delivery options allow clients to use our engineering expertise where, when, and how they need it.

Project-Based Solutions

Bound by a detailed Statement-of-Work, these projects can be either deliverable-based or on a time and materials basis. Typical projects include:

  • Full lifecycle software development
  • Hardware verification certification/approval consulting
  • Process consulting

Resource-Based Solutions

When clients require a customized approach to complete an assignment, we provide the individuals or teams they require on an as-needed, ad hoc basis. Engineering and/or project management talent can be either contract or permanent employees. The client directs the work at their facilities. Typical projects include:

  • Embedded software development
  • Hardware development
  • Test equipment development


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