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how many interviews is too many?

Engineers power business. However, when the interview processes is too long, businesses send mixed signals to potential employees and lose candidates meant to propel their businesses forward.

Is your interview process too long? Randstad Engineering asked over 1,000 engineering and design job seekers how many times they expect to be brought in for face to face interviews before being made an offer. We found that 80% of job seekers expect to be interviewed 1 or 2 times before an offer is made. 97% expect it to take no more than 3 interviews.

experienced engineers expect hiring managers to make up their minds

41% of engineering job seekers with 30+ years of experience expect only 1 interview before an offer is made, a full 82% more often than job seekers with 0 – 9 years of experience.

fewer than 3 interviews – technicians and executives agree

Among designers, technicians, engineers, managers, directors and executives there is very little distinction for how long they feel it should take before they receive an offer. 84% of designers and technicians are looking for an offer in less than 3 interviews, 11% more often than executives and directors.

contracted vs permanent employees

Salaried engineering professionals are 37% more likely to expect 3 or more interviews than their temporary or hourly counterparts

Featured Houston Candidates

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Mechanical Design Engineer:

  • Bachelors Degree 
  • 20 years experience in Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Engineering 
  • Specifically downhole tools 
  • Salary: $125,000/year

Reservoir Engineer:

  • 10+ years Oil & Gas Engineering experience
  • 5 years directional drilling experience in the Permian Basin.  
  • Knowledgeable in a wide range of completion types and reservoir environments
  • Experience in OOIP, reserve estimating, & past, present, future reservoir analysis performance.  
  • Salary $140,000/year

Cost Engineer/Estimator: 

  • 10+ years of experience with EPC Project Estimating
  • Experience performing cost estimation, forecasts, and monitoring project performance. 
  • Experience working as a Turnaround Coordinator and Supervisor.  
  • Open to contract or permanent opportunities!  
  • Contract Hourly Bill Rate: $88.00/hour

Technical Writer: 

  • Technical Writer and Training 
  • Industries: oil & gas, manufacturing and electronics.  
  • Proficient in Visio, Picasa2, DesignPRO2, and Microsoft Products. 
  • Open to contract opportunities in and around Houston.  
  • Contract Hourly Bill Rate: $85.00/hour

Drilling Engineer:

  • Bachelors Degree in Petroleum Engineering 
  • 20+ years of experience in Drilling.  
  • Worked in production, operations, and completions.  
  • Open to contract or permanent opportunities and is available immediately. 
  • Hourly Bill Rate: $145.00/hour

Quality Assurance Engineer:

  • 18 years experience working in Petrochemical, EPC, and Capital Construction environments 
  • CWI and API Certifications 
  • Passport ready, willing to travel 
  • Experience in both hands on and managerial positions.  
  • Hourly Billing Rate: $95.00/hour

Sr. Electrical Engineer:

  • Proven experience in innovation, problem solving, and technical leadership. 
  • Low noise analog design 
  • Low noise & wide bandwidth RF design
  • Advanced digital design. 
  • Experience with VHDL based FPGA design, seismic streamer design oversight
  • Downhole design, and high temperature design  
  • Salary: $140,000/year