Randstad Engineering Named Best of Staffing

After tallying over 278,000 survey responses, Randstad Engineering has been named among the top 1% of all staffing firms throughout the United States by Inavero and has received the 2012 “Best of Staffing” Award.  

What it means for your business
Contractors who are happy with their staffing company are more productive on the job.  With fewer or no issues filling out timecards, receiving paychecks on time, and having dedicated resources to attend to any problems that do arise, Randstad Engineering ensures that the contractors working on your projects are focused on powering your business and not why they haven’t received their last paycheck.  

Participating staffing and recruiting firms were required to survey talent they had placed on assignment during a recent consecutive 3 month period.  Inavero’s three-question survey asked survey recipients to rate their satisfaction with the firm.  The Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology, made famous by author and former Bain consultant, Fred Reichland, wsa used as the basis for gauging talent satisfaction.

How we retain the Engineers that drive business results

Staying in contact
Contractors are most satisfied when they are on assignment.  Within the staffing and recruiting industry, Talent NPS drops by roughly 10 points after each 2 week period of time since having last been contacted.  For example, if a group of job seekers rate a 45% NPS immediately after being interviewed, it will drop to 35% within 2 weeks and 25% within a month.  Randstad Engineering makes an effort to be in regular contact with current as well as former contractors, making them more responsive when we reach out to them with your next assignment.

Keeping contractors informed, even when the news is bad
It’s important to communicate with your talent along the way and be honest with them if you don’t have work for them.  Recent research from anveryo and Careerbuilder found the number one reason talent are dissatisfied is due to the lack of responsiveness from their staffing firm.  Only 54% of best of staffing participants respond to their contractors on assignment the same day that they call.  

Can you imagine not receiving a paycheck from your employer when bills are due at home, and no one in HR will call you back? Luckily for our contractors, Randstad Engineering’s policy is to respond to their issues as fast as possible.  In addition to Recruiters and Account Managers, we provide an escalation contact who is tasked with resolving contactor issues.  The net result is top talent who comes back to us, and whom we can provide for your next project.

Download the full report: Randstad Engineering Best of Staffing 2012