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More Employed Engineers Are Looking for New Jobs

As the job market recovers in the US, especially among the college educated(4.4% unemployment), several reports have highlighted a growing risk of a talent exodus, wherein the workforce begins considering greener workplace pastures.
For example:

In measuring the responses of over 8,000 engineers between June 2010, and November 2011, Randstad Engineering has found that employed engineers aren’t just thinking about changing jobs; they’re applying for new ones. The percentage of Employed applicants at RandstadEngineering.com has risen by 24% since June of 2010.

Retaining Your Experts

So how can you keep your top employees at your company and away from your competitors? The first step is to understand why they might be leaving. According to a study conducted by Randstad and IPSOS Public Affairs in June 2011, the top reasons why engineers are considering changing jobs are:

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